My first Wikipedia Edit

Yayy!! Today I celebrate my first Wikipedia contribution :)

I was reading a medical article and found an error about creatinine levels in the Cerebral vasculitis page.

They mentioned urine creatinine above 1.5mg/dl as a diagnostic criteria. What?!? I can’t believe nobody spotted that in the four years it has been on the web (since 2005). Normal urine creatinine are more like 120mg/dl and abnormally high urine levels are above 250mg/dl. So 1.5mg/dl is an error and the 1.5 value reflects serum creatinine.

You can read in this paper that the actual criteria is 1.58mg/dl in the serum[1].


Now fixed (by me!)




1. Diagnosis and classification of polyarteritis nodosa, 2013—diagnosis-and-classification-j-autoimmunity-2014.pdf