Natural and ecological resources for a non-toxic environment

Clay paint

You can create a relaxing environment by using clay-paint, an earth-friendly paint that gives this warm and vivid touch to your living space. The clay paint bellow is no-odor, non-toxic, no-VOC.




Citrus solvent – biodegradable and non-toxic solvent

<< Unlike paint thinner, our Citrus Solvent does not cause damage to the internal organs of the body when breathed in; instead, it passes through without effect. As a matter of fact, when you drink orange juice from the store, you drink small amounts of Citrus Solvent in the form of oils from the orange peel from which the juice was squeezed! Of course, this does not mean to throw caution to the wind and celebrate by taking a healthy swig of solvent. >>


How to protect your deck?





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