Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi

Shown is version 3

Getting Started

Hardware to buy

  • Raspberry Pi 3 from CanaKit or another trusted vendor (be careful there are lots of bad cheaper versions that looks just like good ones)
  • Kuman starter kit with sensors, breadboard and wires
  • Resistors kit so you make most sensor circuits.

Download and provision a SD card

Run a setup script

I wrote one at https://github.com/olignyf/pisetup

$> git clone https://github.com/olignyf/pisetup
$> cd pisetup
$> chmod +x *.sh
$> ./full.sh
$> ./quick.sh # will bypass apt-get upgrade step, not recommended, unless you have done it already.

Note: It will take at least 3+ hours to upgrade all the system packages and setup the Raspberry Pi.

Compiling Node.js

$> wget https://nodejs.org/dist/latest-v6.x/node-v6.10.0.tar.gz
$> tar -xzvf node-v6.10.0.tar.gz
$> cd node-v6.10.0
$> ./configure
$> time make
$> sudo make install

Phenom X4  27m13.621s